It is time to be kind

This is not an internal comms related post. This is a bit raw so please read with caution.

Samaritans Call FREE on 116 123

This past few days…weeks…months…years have all seen tragic events and lives lost at the hands of mental health. I know not all mental health is directly related to bullying or unkindness but there are far too many cases which are related.

From celebrities to family friends, children and the elderly, no one is immune. All races, all sexualities, all levels of professionals, all ages, all cultures or religions, no one is immune.

We’ve seen children vanish from our schools, celebrities vanish from our screens, strangers vanish from our streets, colleagues vanish from our offices, associates gone from our places of work, rest and play and this has to stop.

A beautiful young girl’s funeral

Just a couple of months ago my husband and I escorted our children to the funeral of their friend, a 14 year old angel who ’couldn’t carry on’. We watched as her parents shattered into a million pieces and her friends battled to fathom why or how this had happened! We watched as her fellow air cadets stood together forming a guard of honour, lining the streets, as she took her last journey. We watched…all we could do was just watch as our hearts broke.

Samaritans Call FREE on 116 123

Words can cut like a thousand knives

I once worked in an environment where bullying was rife, those in a position of authority took a perverse pleasure in spreading fear and insecurity among those in theIr team.

I and others woke every day hating going to work, hating every minute of the work day because each day we were sure to be subjected to those who took pride in how much power they could assert over others. They felt empowered by bullying and belittling others. I watched talented individuals break down, lose their self-belief and go home feel utterly worthless.

I tried to counteract the negative vampire-like behaviours of those despicable bullies by being kind but ultimately this was seen as a weakness, I became a victim too, so I walked away. I removed myself from the situation as a matter of self-preservation.

24/7 – Call FREE on 116 123

You know who you are!

You… YOU who finds some sick pleasure and glory by actively or passively bullying, you are responsible for hurting, destroying and even killing, not only those you victimise, but their families and loved ones.

There are countless people right now, contemplating self-harm or even worse, suicide. They feel trapped in a life of abuse… real emotional, physical or psychological ABUSE at the hands of some wretched demon posing as ’a friend, a boss, a teacher, a colleague, a relative, or a cowardly social media troll.

It is time to be kind

It is time to be kinder

We can all be kind


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