Not taken seriously? Is it any wonder…

Internal Comms professionals…Are you tired of being the guys in the corner of the office who are colouring in, not being taken seriously by the business? Me too! But is it any wonder…

When working as an internal communications professional in any company, the rest of the business often view ‘us’ as ‘the fluff and puff‘… we just make things look pretty and colourful. This is a common misconception across the board and I doubt there is an internal communicator out there who hasn’t heard this at least once.

Now we all know the value we add to a company and how we are pivotal for a company’s success and growth, but we have a long way to go before we reach the place where our profession is as established and business critical as, let’s say… accountancy, business strategy…even IT.

This is a topic often discussed among the IC community but I ask you now…”is it any wonder?”

‘WHY?’ You ask…Well, while doing my usual Saturday morning internet surfing it suddenly dawned on me that many internal comms articles are accompanied by bright ‘cartoony’ images… don’t believe me?

Well let’s take a look at a quick snap shot of Google imagery…


…Yep! Bright and cartoony!

Now let’s take a look at other more established professions…


…Notice a difference? OK, I notice a distinct lack of ‘real people’ in the internal comms images, although the IT images aren’t great either… So, are we actually ok with this?.

I’m not. We are internal communicators and our focus… ‘people’ REAL people.

IMG_0202 I have a real pet hate for stock imagery… especially the ‘morph’ style images. And most images used have no eyes or facial expression so ‘Morph’ is considerably better than the guff all too often being used.IMG_0203

Come on, we can do better than this!

 So what can we do?


Use real people, real expressions and let’s stop using inanimate objects to represent who we are, our audience and what we do… But I beg you, not STOCK IMAGES ‘X’ 

Let’s invest in some photography at our places of work and really represent our people.

Let’s start raising the bar, repressing what we do with tangible imagery. We have some way to but ‘we’ need to get away from this misconception that we all battle on a daily basis.

Our people… the ones we communicate to, the ones we engage, inform and represent… are real…they deserve real thought. Cartoon is great when used in the right place.

Below are some of my ‘most read’ articles mixed with articles that captured my attention and made me want to read more. Not a morph in sight!


Share your thoughts and opinions on how we can better represent the essential job we do.


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