Whatsapped? Do we call it ‘Snapapp’ or ‘Whatschat’ ?

🤔Whatsapp’s latest update gives the user no indication that the latest update will include major changes to the way the user updates their status along with changes to privacy settings among others. It simply said ‘bug fixes‘ ….so I chose to ‘update‘.

Only to find no more simple text status updates, instead there is a new ‘video/photo SnapChat style‘ status, that once changed, will last 24 hours before vanishing. 👀

📲The new status once created is then ‘pushed‘ to ALL other Whatsapp users on your contact list (unless explicitly specified in the new privacy settings)

Your contacts will then receive notification that you have a ‘new status’ and it will appear on their ‘status notification’ page.

👀If your contacts then open to watch your status, you are informed – “1 view – ‘name’ viewed your status at ‘time’.”

👍🏼The plus side – Goodbye ‘Status Stalkers‘ – you will be exposed. In addition, users can update their status and make it visible to all friends except ‘that one or more people’ who you’d rather they didn’t see your status.

👎🏼The down side – This could open us up to being targeted by companies who will probably send out marketing campaigns to all their customers and we could end up inundated by spam-status.

I anticipate our mobile phone numbers will become sought after by companies.

☝🏼One thing I’d like to see now – Whatsapp introduce the option to ‘Don’t receive status updates from ‘……..’ so we can prevent ‘spammers and over users‘ from swamping our lives with this new communication method.

👉🏼This Whatsapp update certain plays to the younger audience who are ‘Snap happy‘ and potentially easier to influence.

👧🏽👦🏽📱Personally I’m not opposed to the new update as it stops those status stalkers but I will be checking my children’s phones much more frequently.

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