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Circadian rhythm and the ‘lesser-spotted’ Ultradian rhythm

The 24 hour cycle of energy is called the circadian rhythm, while the ebbs and flows of focus, energy and motivation, we experience throughout the day and night are called ultradian rhythms.

These natural energy rhythms have an incredible bearing on our abilities to think clearly and be productive at different times throughout the day and night.

The ultradian rhythm peaks can occur numerous times throughout each 24 hour circadian rhythm and they enable us to think clearly and focus intently. Generally lasting between 60 to 120 minutes, before we experience a trough and the need to refresh and rest.

The circadian and ultradian rhythms are essential and natural to our existence, and the more we understand our own unique peaks and troughs the more we can focus on our critical tasks at the right times.

Know your rhythms

Begin to observe your peaks and troughs, take note of your energy, focus and motivation, and when you recognise you need a break, take time to recharge, get a drink of water, coffee or tea, take a quick walk or get some fresh air. It won’t be long before you are ready to get stuck in again.

The peaks will vary in length throughout the day and when the troughs arrive you will be much more productive if you allow your Ultradian trough to have its moment, and stop for a break before continuing.

Ignoring these natural rhythms may build up and can manifest in different ways, some may experience increased stress, agitation, lack of sleep, maybe changes in appetite. We all have different ultradian rhythms and length will vary.

Slave to the rhythm...

BTW I’m a mega Grace Jones fan, just thought I’d mention that… I’ve seen her live about 7 times now…she’s amazing! Grace’s energy levels are off the scale.

So how do you leverage this new awareness of your ultradian rhythm?

Use the free download above to map your personal ultradian rhythm and find out when your personal peaks of energy, focus and motivation occur. You can then, focus your high-energy times on those tasks that require your full attention. You’ll really surprise yourself with just how much you can achieve.

We tend to focus a lot of time and energy doing tasks that can be done at any time of the day. So now you know your optimal times, you can plan your day and save your super power phases for the more critical and important tasks/projects.

Remember to fit your task to the peak because your peak will not stretch to fit your tasks. If needs must, and deadlines are looming don’t be afraid to appease the ebbs with a short break before pressing on through to your next peak .

You will soon be patting yourself on the back.

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