13 very useful IFTTT recipes for Internal Communicators and six I use at home

Have you explored the possibility of automating some of those time-consuming admin tasks that come with the job of communications (and of course other careers)

You must have sat there and thought ’There must be a better way to do this’ Why spend a good chunk of your day doing repetitive admin tasks. I know I did and still do with some things, but I discovered the joys of the automated ’If This Then That’ (IFTTT) recipe creator Microsoft Power Automate (previously named Flow)

Power Automate will step in and get on with those repetitive admin jobs and also maybe do some admin tasks that you would’ve liked to do, but could never justify the time it would take to do.

I’m reasonably new to IFTTT recipes but every week that goes, by I’m creating another that saves me just a little more time at work (and at home)

A few of my favourites IFTTT recipes:

    Add all outgoing Tweets to spreadsheet – Great for reporting on topic trends
    Receive an email when a particular account Tweets or mentions you – Respond fast when it is essential to do so
    Save Tweets with specified content to a spreadsheet – Track campaign engagement
    Add a task to Planner when a form is completed – Workflow management just got easier
    Run a ’sentiment analysis’ on Twitter and push results to Power BI – Live update on public or employee sentiment
    Save a GDPR consent form to a secure SharePoint folder – A must for GDPR conformity
    Notification of either negative or positive comment on Yammer – Keeping your ear to the ground
    Add mentions of an internal campaign keyword on Yammer to a spreadsheet – Measure campaign engagement
    Schedule internal emails and capture any responses in a spreadsheet, then…
    Receive a notification when feedback has been added to a spreadsheet – Engage and respond to audience
    Collate a team spend report – A job for finance but good to have clear visibility
    Notification of urgent email – Improve your rapid response rate
    Automate approval process – Ensure the approval process is seamless and followed effectively

IFTTT at home with Alexa:

    Adding items to shopping list
    Turning on or off lighting, heating, etc. when I leave or arrive
    Wake up to my chosen set of messages, such as news, weather, commute times, and while I’m listening the radiator will turn on.
    Interact with the dog while I’m out
    Notify me when the children get home (because they always forget)
    Remind the children to do their chores (hehehe because they always forget)

The list goes on…

Things I’d never automate

There are a few things that I feel should never be automated, and the main one being ’person to person communication’. (Out of office being the exception), I’d never:

  • Auto posting – I don’t like seeing repetitive automated posts on Twitter, FB or other platforms
  • Automated emails – apart from the standard out of office, which promised a follow-up email on my return, I would never replace human interaction with some automated guff – people can tell the difference no matter how clever you are.
  • Reminding my hubby or kids that I love them – That is something I enjoy doing myself.


I’ve been automating at work and home for a few months now, and I love it. It helps me to be more productive, creative and allows me to be more effective, and now I’m starting to evidence the real impact of communications.

If anyone knows of an IFTTT recipe for commuting, I’m all ears 🙂

I’m always on the look for new ways to automate so if you have any, please feel free to share.

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