Embracing the new, now.

My first post for 2020 and the festive break provided plenty of time for me to reflect on what was achieved in 2019, analyse results and note down a few development areas.

2019 was a year of embracing digital transformation, adopting an open mindset and challenging the way we work together as a team and across the business.

So what changed?

Office365 brought us:

    the ability to collaborate on numerous projects with teams across the company
    a new way to version control documents
    Microsoft Teams – and working out the best use of Teams for teams
    A learning curve on SharePoint (eg uploading a file to Teams and it is actually sat on SharePoint)
    Microsoft Planner… oh my days, I love Planner, it has revolutionised how we work and report
    Power BI totally blew our minds
    And then there was Microsoft Flow

We’re really ’Flowing’ now

We have begun to create ’flows’ that can automate admin tasks, speeding up and streamlining our processes, while providing us with data on how, when and what it has done.

We have a flow that raises a job with an effective design brief, it then populates Planner and notifies us via email that a new job needs allocating. The flow provides us with the who, what, when, where and why. Imagine… no more sketchy design briefs. 🙂

Event management app

We have launched a new event management application that has proven it’s self to be very successful in delegate and content management while improving audience participation and networking opportunities.

The journey

I could go on and on about the many new platforms and methods we have created but none of these would have been successful without the whole team getting on board. That has been the real key ingredient to successful change management.

We have been careful to embrace feedback and input, on each change and how it may impact different audiences.

What hasn’t changed

”All progress is change, but not all change is progress.” – John Robert Wooden

The core values and company ethics are well embedded and this steadfast foundation has been the perfect example of what should not change.

Plans for 2020

  • Embrace the new
  • Find opportunities to grow
  • Recognise when change could hinder progress
  • Maximising all current platforms.
  • Automate as many admin tasks as possible using Microsoft Flow.
  • Set up useful data dashboards and use them to continually improve what we do.
  • Collaborate and learn from the way other areas of the business are utilising these new tools.

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