When the construction ‘logo’ blossoms

After many years of striving to build positive communication between the construction company’s ‘logo’ and the colleagues wearing that logo, I have built a passion for developing clear, two-way and mutually beneficial communication strategies.

When a construction company takes over an ongoing contract, it doesn’t just inherit the project deliverables, it inherits the deliverers too. Suddenly these employees are given new work wear with a new a logo emblazoned all over it.

Now reporting to another ivory tower!’, ‘Just another logo, I don’t care which logo it is.’ and ‘What do they do for me?’ These are just some of the comments I’ve heard in the past. So how do you make that company  ‘logo’ come alive, blossom and  become meaningful to employees?

When the construction ‘logo’ blossoms

Remote confrere, old and young, many hands, the vanguard,

delivering more than the company goal, they forge a stronghold.


The consistent outspread on contract, project, the assemblage,

with techical excellence, analysts, and immeasurable message.


But… do we listen? do we rate? Or do we foster wonder? wait!

Will the ‘logo’ ever communicate, acknowledge, felicitate.


Celebrate the real diversity and inclusion of their situation,

Daughters, aunts, uncles, and sons… all worthy of recognition.


Reach out…prepare…respect… explore the expert injects.

An abundance of wisdom to share, seasoned to perfect.


Keep safe and healthy, fathers, mothers… and who is who.

All have families to go home to, we are them, we are you!


Build bridges, nurturing with face to face, no more divide.

Its time for faded misconceptions with a sentience of pride


When the ‘logo’ begins to blossom, bearing collegiality,

root to petal, no ‘loves me, loves me not’ we all seek equality.

Clare Elevique

I don’t know about you, but I’d feel like I had a new ‘wannabe owner’ unless that new ‘logo’ stood up and reached out with genuine, two-way interactions. Not just on mobilisation day but throughout the contract via ongoing methods of communication.

To me, company communications should not be all ‘what the employee is now expected to do for the company, but more about what the company will also do for the employees.


I gave this article to my 14 year old daughter, for her thoughts, before publishing and her comments were as follows:

“This is what I would like the teachers to understand at school. We have so much more to offer than just ‘being taught’, we have skills in areas that some teachers have none.

Schools should be more collaborative, we have been brought up to expect our opinions to matter and our unique skills to be of value to younger and older citizens of the world.” 

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