New Year Comms Resolutions

It’s new year resolution time

Mine usually goes something along the lines of;

  • Going to the gym more
  • Better eating habits
  • More hobby time (I’m a hobby photographer in my spare, spare time)

I usually manage to stick to it for a month or so, after which, one or more fall by the wayside. So instead of trying to figure out how to stick to my resolutions, maybe I need to refocus and make resolutions that will help further my professional development and align these resolutions to my PDP goals at work.

2018 – No more uninspired resolutions

This year I’m going to make one New Year Comms Resolution – ‘No more middle lane driving!

I recently made a career move, new company and new role, the perfect time to be definitive and resolute about this next stage of my professional development.

Middle lane hoggers…Grrrr!

An apt beef, given I work with Highways as part of the Infrastructure operating unit.

Let me just put this out there…I would like to outlaw ‘middle lane hoggers’ Aren’t they frustrating? They jump on the motorway, move into the middle-lane and then cling on to that lane for dear life.

Middle-laners don’t respond to the variants in the traffic flow around them. Their incessant mid-lane hogging often causes others to undertake risky manoeuvres in a bid to keep traffic flowing or avoid frustrating bottlenecks.

…A double entendres if I ever saw one.

How many comms colleagues have you encountered, who jump straight in, with the same comms strategy, regardless of the vast differences in the business environment or requirements. The mid-lane approach often causes others to underpass them to get things done. I’m not going to go into detail here. But I will say, some are more guilty of this than others and we’ve all been guilty of it at some point.

It is time for us to put the internal comms profession well and truly on the map as a business development essential. Each comms strategy should be approached with its individual needs, strengths and weaknesses in mind, and we comms professionals should be tailoring our approach to fit the unique requirements. No more middle lane hogging. No more one size fits all.

Comms professionals should be capable of adapting their style and approach, from being a simple country lane leisurely driver for general everyday news, to being a formula one racing driver when a fast response is the only way to go, and becoming an emergency services response driver, delivering crisis comms at the drop of the hat.

Comms professionals, it’s time to change gear and be ready for anything.

My learning methods for 2018

In my studies I’m either fine-tuning the skills I already have, discovering new skills or learning from the experiences of other like professionals.

I work for a global construction company and my areas of responsibility are, UK Infrastructure Services (IS) and Facilities Services (FS). Both huge areas of the U.K. business unit and both surprisingly interesting. This year I’d like to approach learning in a new way, I’m going to:

  1. Focus my professional studies on the past, present and more importantly, the future of IS & FS. This line of approach will give me a much broader view of the industry, where it has come from, the challenges it faces and the direction it needs to go.
  2. Study the political economy of the UK’s infrastructure, government initiatives, funding and broader incentives. All great opportunities for U.K’s leading Infrastructure contractors to respond to, and lead the way.
  3. Study the skills map of my stakeholder database (as well as my own) to determine the best course of action to provide relevant tools and training. It is clear from recent employee surveys that employees with more personable and communicative managers perform more effectively and embrace business development change much better.

Professional Development:

On a budget:

Take Control of Your Career Brochure

Internal Comms Black Belt

Specialist Diploma

Free learning resources:

iTunesU – search ‘communications’



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