Attracting Post-Millenials is the easy bit!

Post-Millennial Retention…

The Internal Communications Strategy

We are the cusp of a radical and game-changing generation entering the workforce and our Internal Communications Strategies will need to successfully cater for this next generation… while still catering for our current employee needs.

Post-Millennials (iGens)

Born 2000 onwards the post-millennials (aka Gen-Z, iGens, Linksters etc.)

The first wave of post-millennials are appearing in our workplaces as grads, work placements and apprentices. Over the next couple of years we will see a growing number of iGens in our workplaces. Are we ready to communicate and retain? 

The characteristics of a millennial and post-millennial

Unlike the stereotype of being ‘lazy, unmotivated, entitled and narcissistic’. “Millennials thrive in an autonomous environment, and crave autonomy over their own work. They love creative freedom and value ‘meaning’ over money, they will make career choices based on the ‘fulfilment’ that they get out of work.” Keevin O’Rourke (Proud Millennial) #TedTalk

“Carrots & Sticks are so last Century. Drive says for 21st century work, we need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery and purpose. Arthur Daniel Pink – Drive

The post-millennials set to lead the way


In the past, younger generations followed the advice and the trends of older generations and in order to ‘grow up’ young people eventually conformed to the standards that older generations set… BUT this is all changing!

Older generations (anyone born before 1985) are now gravitating towards the post-millennial’ way of life.

This shift is not driven by a desire to engage with a specific generation but we are all very aware that the future is no longer led by the older more experienced.

Examples of a Post-Millenial led society:

  • Companies embracing the likes of SnapChat and similar platforms
  • Huge financial investments being made to prepare the workplace to attract post-millennials
  • Great Grandparents getting on social media to see their great grandkids grow up

Post-Millenials in the workplace

The ‘Post-Millenial’ Company…

The new iGenerations will expect a brand/workplace to be loyal to them, invest in them and most importantly, to be appreciated. This will be a huge change from the current dynamic of a company expecting employees to be loyal…Companies will need to work hard to attract and retain the most talented iGens.

Forbes writer Karsten Strauss, articulates how iGens are changing in the workplace

The ‘Post-Millenial’ Employee…

We will soon be catering for a very intelligent and entrepreneurial generation who will be quick to ‘move on’ if they don’t feel genuine appreciation and are not experiencing loyalty from the company they work for.

The ‘Post-Millenial’ Technology…

iGens, will expect technology to be cutting edge and ‘just work’ so our IT departments will need to be making long term investments into platforms that can deal with the expectations of these post-millennial iGens and will need to deliver tech that works seamlessly.

Post-Millenial Internal Communications

Components for a Post-Millenial Internal Communicator

  • Remain ahead of the technology curve
  • Learn how to use these new technological offerings to attract post-millenials
  • Research the need for and how to create tailored content and algorithms
  • Study the components of viral content
  • IoIC Continual Professional Development 
  • Brush up on those SEO skills

Components of a Post-Millenial Internal Communicators strategy:

  • Internal Communications and HR – full alignment
  • Research, measure and analyse – often
  • Reduce quantity and increase quality of content
  • Increase frequency of interactions with bitesize punchy content
  • Showcase the key attractions of the company
  • HR Strategy for fair, frequent and genuine employee recognition
  • Facilitate two-way internal communication (All iGens will be mini internal communicators – scary thought so prepare well)
  • Provide an appropriate range of channels and facilitate open, honest, productive employee engagement

Hot topics/trends for Post-Millenials

  • Employee recognition
  • Face to face – Regular feedback
  • iGens are the new thought-leaders
  • Investment in employee development
  • Company’s ethical and environmental initiatives
  • Message paths across a variety platforms

Clare’s prediction

I think the next ‘generation’ after iGens will be ‘The Dexters

In order for these post-millennial to successfully shape a future that will make way for the fast paced super human, multi-taskers, they will need to encourage the forming of a generation of ambidextrous hands-on doers, futuristic developers/builders and brave innovators.

All geared up to build and shape the future that we all imagine our children/grandchildren inheriting.



I wish I was a post-millennial, they have such a transformation role to play in shaping the future and I love technology far too much.


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