Anyone for Comms Cricket?

Comms Cricket

The other day one of my fellow comms colleagues booked a meeting in our diaries for 15 minutes catch up. When asked what the topic was, we were told ‘all will be explained’.

At 3pm he promptly arrived at our area of the office with a cricket bat and soft ball to which we all looked confused. But with his absolutely insistence that all will be revealed and a promise that it would be the best meeting we’d ever have, we followed him.

On our way through the office he urged a few more colleagues to down tools, before we knew it were outside on the front grass with colleagues from Comms, Reception, IT, Marketing and more. All looking a bit bewildered as our cricket bat wielding colleague explained the rules of French Cricket.

The game commenced…With a bit of an apprehensive start, we were all soon in full swing and totally absorbed.

After 15 minutes had passed he announced the end of the game and we head back to our desks.

Why am I telling you this?

Well during that short 15 minute ‘meeting’ we all got up and away from our screens, had a laugh, some much needed fresh air, had fun and bonded with colleagues outside of our immediate team. And as all good Internal Comms professionals know, what could be better than a spot of spontaneous employee engagement.

It’s not always all about writing and disseminating comms and business strategies. Sometimes we just need to encourage employees to take 10-15 minutes outside of the routine to form bonds and lift spirits. You can almost guarantee it will not be wasted time.

When I got back to my desk, I felt more energised, my spirits had lifted and I ploughed through my afternoon task list (and more) with a vigour that can be hard to muster in the late afternoon when energy levels are flagging. I certainly got more done, that’s for sure.

So is french cricket a new tool in box for internal comms? Well certainly as an internal communicator, encouraging employees to partake in short bursts of ‘spontaneous team building activities’ is going to be in my toolbox.

So was it the best meeting I’ve ever had, quite honestly yes! and those fellow colleagues who participated, certainly agree.

The benefits:

  • Bonding
  • Raising energy levels
  • Healthy activity
  • Cross departmental relationship
  • Health and well-being
  • Work vigour increased
  • Happiness levels up

Obviously I’m not saying that we should do this every day but when the team is flagging and that afternoon lull has kicked in, you can bet we’ll be grabbing the cricket bat for a spot of comms cricket, weather permitting of course.

Hmmm… What will we do in winter? Snowball fights maybe!





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