Top 5 Resources for the Internal Communications Professional

Are you passionate about Internal Comms?

You can usual spot the IC geeks by what they browse on their phone while relaxing with a glass of red (or coffee in my case).

As I sit here with Eastenders on the TV, having to keep rewinding because I’m busy being distracted by my phone, it suddenly dawn’s on me…. ‘I am becoming an IC geek, favouring a flick through the latest IC publications over the ‘East End Duff Duffs’

Well as I’m displaying true IC geek symptoms, I may as well share what has been winning my attention recently?

1 – IC Magazine App

I love how this app works on the iPad but for a quick read I will flick through from my iPhone. IC Magazine App is published by and has a quirky modern graphical look. I love reading case studies from IC professionals. I have made contact with a few of those featured in the App and met online or via phone to share ideas and experiences. Worth the download. iPhone link:

2 –

My next frequently used resource is the website. You do need to be a paid member to access all areas but if you would love to, or already have Internal Comms in your Job title – this is the site of choice. With articles, studies, courses, jobs, and much more, you will find a wealth of support and resources. I recently completed the Advanced Level for Internal Comms Practitioners. (10 month work based learning) – I will cover this in more detail in a future blog 😉

3 – @AllthigsIC

Rachel Miller on Twitter shares some really useful articles and posts, if you want a good old ‘freestyle surf’, then do follow @AllthingsIC for a true mix of thought provoking content. The latest gem that cought my eye was this article from @alivewithideas

4 –

A little gem, packed with internal Comms related resoutces, including ‘State of the Sector 2017 report‘. Gate House approaches Comms content from a more strategic angle and is a great place to start if you need to review your overall internal communications strategy. The report mentioned above provides some great insight into what methods/channels really work and why. A lot of research has gone into this and it is presented in a very engaging style.

5 –

OK nothing wrong with a little self flag-flying. This site is fairly new to the IC digital environment but I can say that each and every blog is written from actual experience and is not just some regurgitation of other IC posts out there. I will write what I see and exerience in my work and one thing you can be sure of, I will keep it real.

Thanks for reading and if you have other favourites please share them in the comments.

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